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Hong Kong Green Campus Challenge

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Competitions can be a great way to engage individuals in energy and resource conservation, and find new efficiencies. Hong Kong Green Campus Challenge is an annual intercollegiate competition focusing on enhancing energy and water conservation.

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What is SDG#12 GAMlthon?

The “SDG#12 GAMIthon” is one of the events of the 3-year Jockey Club Sustainable Campus Consumer Programme, aiming to promote responsible consumption and production. Using the framework of a hackathon, the core idea is to co-create fun and educational solutions through applying gamification in a sustainability context and bring the solutions into the Hong Kong community and beyond.

Being actively supported by the academia of the tertiary institutions and gaming consultancy in Hong Kong, the participants can gain valuable insights on the key issues on sustainability and gaming framework thus create a gaming product that appropriately delivers the message about doing more and better with less. 



To develop a gaming solution and invite the world to adopt responsible consumption and production lifestyle



  1. Food Loss

  2. Invisible Resources - Energy and Water

  3. Production and Consumption

  4. Sustainable Campus

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Important Dates

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10 April,2022
Application Deadline

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April to May 2022
Online Workshop 
5+ workshops on gamification and SDG#12

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30 May - 10 June, 2022
Team Forming (Online)

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11 - 12 June, 2022
GAMlthon (Face to Face / Virtual)

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July 2022 to March 2023
Follow-up developing (Winning teams)

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22 March 2023
"Game With Us" - Product and Result Showcase @HKUST Atrium

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Game With Us Showcase

The ‘Game With Us’ will showcase educational games developed by four winning teams from the SDG#12 GAMIthon, with the aim of promoting responsible consumption and production.

These games are design for players from 8 - 25 years old and target to inspire sustainable consumption and production by reducing waste, promoting resource efficiency, and fostering sustainable lifestyles. They will also be an interactive and innovative way to make teaching and learning fun and at the same time, cultivating behavioural change.

We are excited to share these games with you and welcome any collaboration opportunity! We believe that together, we can make a meaningful contribution to promoting sustainability and responsible consumption to the next generation. Please find the invitation details as below.


Face to face showcase

This will be happening at the Atrium of HKUST. No registration is required. Just come by and join us!

Date: 22 March 2023 (Wed)

Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Venue: G/F Atrium, HKUST


Online showcase session

If you are not able to visit us physically, no worry! You can register to attend our online showcase session by clicking here.

Date: 22 March 2023 (Wed)

Time: 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Language: English

Medium: Zoom 

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Display of winning entries (2022 - 2023)


Winner: The Greenist

Developed by: Stephanie CHIU Seen Yung (HKUST), CHU Hang Fung (EdUHK), CHENG Hang Yu (HKUST), LIU Hoi Ying (HKUST), YEUNG Lok Chi (HKUST), SO Wai Shan (HKUST)

The Greenist is a card game called targets to teach people, especially students from 10 to 25 years old, how they can do more for the environment in their everyday lives, in an effort to further educate the public about living a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle in a fun and engaging way. Throughout the game, players will be exposed to daily life actions and events on the cards, in which they will learn how to be a responsible consumer and what actions harm the environment.


1st Runner Up: Ice Cubs

Developed by: LAU Chit Ying (HKU), LAM Kai Ching (HKU), LAM Ming Fuk (City U), Brian CHUN Lok Him (HKUST), Peter FU Wai Kuen (HKUST), Michael WONG Chun Keung (Poly U)


Do you know that all polar bears could vanish by 2100? In Ice Cubs, you will raise your own polar bears to save them from extinction! Depends on your environmental acts and their carbon emissions, your bear will evolve into different personalities.


You will nurture a habit to raise your bear, and your bear reflects the consequences on how aware you are of the environment. We will guide you through cultivating a healthier and greener lifestyle. Come and grow your bear now!



1st Runner Up: Go Green to Win

Developed by: CHENG Yau (CUHK), ZHANG Jielu (HKBU), THEIN Aung Myo (HKBU), LEUNG Hei Yi (HKUST), YEE Pak On Patrick (HKU)

Our game is Go Green to win. Imagine in 2050, food loss problem causes great harm to the environment. Go Green to Win, is a reality show introduced by the government to promote sustainable restaurants. You are one of the show’s participants who competes for the sustainable restaurant qualification and reward.


Players in this game act as cafe owners with different initial ingredients. Food Cards are drawn for each round and the goal for players is to satisfy as many food orders as possible. After 12 rounds, the most sustainable café with highest earning will win.


Judges' Choice: Planet Restaurant

Developed by: POON Sik Heng (HKU), LIU Yao Si (HKU), CHU Chun To (CUHK), CHAN Hoi Yan (EdUHK), WONG Man Hei (HKBU)


“Your choice is your destiny”


Planet Restaurant is a dialogue-driven interactive story game that explores the business reality of adopting sustainable practices in a restaurant, and the wider theme of food waste. The game takes place in a futuristic restaurant situated on Planet X-126. The player inherited the business from his great grandparents, who were immigrants from Earth. The player is missioned to make day-to-day operational decisions and serve diners. These small decisions slowly change the destiny of the restaurant and that of his.

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  • 1st Prize: HKD20,000 funding on game development, HKD5,000 cash prize and mentorship

  • 2nd Prize: HKD20,000 funding on game development, HKD3,500 cash prize and mentorship

  • 3rd Prize: HKD20,000 funding on game development, HKD2,000 cash prize and mentorship

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Participation Rules

a. All UG and PG students from the eight member universities* of the Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium (HKSCC) are welcome;

b. Students should be enrolled as individuals while participants will be teamed-up during the events;

c. Each group will be formed by 5 participants and must consist of students from at least 2 different universities; and

d. Each team will submit a proposal on a gamified approach on promoting 1 of the streams.

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The Deliverable
Mission Develop a gaming proposal to
1. Promote SDG#12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
2. Tackle one of the problems of the above streams
Target Audience of the Game Any
Format of the Game Any
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Assessment Criteria
Achievability The designed game addresses the educational importance of responsible consumption and production and the outlined challenge 40%
Creativity and Fun The designed game has creative mechanism and is fun to play or use 30%
Universality The designed game demonstrates scalability for people around the world with different background to participate in and learn 20%
Practicality The game idea has a high chance of being realized 10%
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Programme Enquiry

Mr. Michael Lee
Tel: 3469 2073